Atomov clock, my body fat and payment records in PDA (PalmareFreeware)

Put the application from the freeware section waiting for your download. CryptoCard is used to store passwords and door data. With Body Fat Calculator you can change your body fat level, Piggy Bank is an interesting, simple and clear financial tracker.

Please direct our download links outside of the n server. We cannot influence the creator of the application to change the link, download the application, and its server failures. Of course, we cannot send such problems to applications via e-mail. For this reason, we are happy to notify us of problems with downloads – most of them are caused by a new version and a change in URL. Thank you for your understanding.


10gSoft World Clock Sync v1.01

World Clock Sync is an application that displays international telephone prefixes and time in 220 world resorts. The clock is synchronized via NTM time servers whenever you connect both ActiveSync and GPRS devices.

Download here

tMan v0.9

TMan is a simple task manager for PocketPC. It supports terminated and minimized applications and its size in memory is only 29.5 kilobytes.

Download here

CryptoCard v2.3.0.0

CryptoCard is an application for storing passwords and door data with a hierarchical (outliner) weekly meaning. Its updated version with several bugs from the previous ones and pin two gave the languages ​​of the program mutations – German and Dutch.

Download here

MilkyPlay v0.9.7

If you would like to play music formats other than standard MP3, WMA and Ogg Vorbis on your PocketPC device, especially without a special player. Not a bag if you install MilkyPlay. It handles AMF, DSM, MOD, MDL, MTM, PSM, PTM, S3M, STM and XM formats, it allows you to create a playlist and play such zipped files.

Download here


DOD Body Fat Calculator v1.0

Change your body fat level using a method that is used, for example, in the US Army and Air Force. Just enter the gender, age, neck and waist and immediately calculate the percentage by fat.

Download here

Piggy Bank v2.5

Interesting, simple and clear financial tracker. It is designed to know who does not get a financial program to record several tons, including cash. PiggyBank is a kind of virtual pen (but it can also serve as a record of your wallet), which can record income and output and display your current balance.

Download here

NoAlarms v1.7.2

The program NoAlarms falls between simple, but eln applications. Can display all timed alarms in the palm tree. In addition, I can set the time at which the alarm should not sound, even if it is activated, for a specific day, or the same time throughout the week.

Download here

MyHome v1.82

A simple application for recording your payments with tracking of total data by cities and by individual categories. For payments, you can enter a period from to and again. You can create ones according to substitutions, for example for vz, home and gave. There is also an alarm alerting to payment, support for hi-res + zazen in portrait and landscape mdu and gave features. In the latest versions, the possibility of displaying data in graphs has been added and bugs in the display on some devices have been fixed.

Download here