Arcade Challenge – ten cuts “fast” for the price of one

A number of arc games from eSoft Interactive have been on the PocketPC games for a long time. However, the mentioned company also released a conversion for the competing PalmOS platform, and we will imagine it in our review.

Nup arcade games Arcade Challenge has been on the Pocket PC games scene for a long time. However, the named company also released a conversion for the competing Palm OS platform, and we will imagine it in our review.

After the game starts, you will find yourself in a graphically designed budget, where you can choose the adventure you want with the help of the arrow. You just have to click on the picture of the game and you can break the records.

The first is about all games, especially. Don’t expect dn pbh, deep grinding, etc. Each of the ten games will take you a little time. The control is also very simple – you get a stylus.

For games, you can call up the menu of High Scores tables using the sheet icon. First of all, let’s personally review the online tables that we would expect from this type. Maybe we can get them in pt version.

V nsledujc sti si ekneme nco ble ke kad he.

Catch Fly
According to the name, it is obvious that in this arcade we will catch a fly. With the help of moving walls, the fly must end up at the center point of the surface, then proceed to the next straight. If insects suddenly lose life, they are indicated in the indicator Health.

Jump Bot
We would use the skills to collect gold. around them jump on the upper flats, on them there is a mound of precious metal. If it does not jump on the surface, the abka will explode.

The game requires a lot of practice. From the stop you will have problems with estimating the speed of the jump, but in time you can easily overtake the TOP score.

Captian Gravity
The following game takes a lot from the principle of glory SF Cave. Clem is reaching with his spaceship as far as possible in the style of the cave. The weakness of this game is that you will be bored for a long time, you will not get into the score 700, only there will it be. Also freeze the absence of pekek.

Toy Factory
In a Toy Factory with a logical breath, you have to create at least a pair of elements of the same color to disappear from the playing area. Each level also requires a number of eliminated elements in order to progress according to. The game ends, and grows growing ada to the ceiling. Just like in the past, you will be bored and not having fun at the arrest.

Jump Rope
Even with its trivial principle, the following game is one of the best. there is a bouncing spinning wheel. The problem occurs with the estimated length of the jump and impact. If you touch the rocker with your feet, heat them. As the point naturally increases, so does the speed of the rocker.

Even the classic Space Invaders cannot be missed in the package of arcade games. around is to bounce the flow of Maran ships. Basically, it’s nothing complicated, you just have to show it quickly on the screen.

Basket Hoops
A basketball player doesn’t have to be as boring as it seems, especially what happens later in the game. To aim, you must click on the screen when the horizontal and vertical koe icons point in the direction of. In the end when you miss.

Skateboard Spiff
In the next game, you will ride a skateboard on a sidewalk full of beauties, which will increase over time. After the crash, the game ends. Make points for each sandblasted bait, where it is rated differently.

Circus Cannon
In the Circus Cannon, the goal is to go through the restless cannon of the circus circle. The detainees will have some trouble estimating the direction of the fired ball, but in a few tries you will be there. If you don’t hit the circle, the game ends.

Litter Bug
The last game will introduce you to the role of a nice ladybug, which must gather the pollen on the green leaf. If it happens that you hit the edge of the screen, the game ends, so be careful to place the pollen at the end of the sheet.

In the menu of the game you can go to the settings, where you can adjust the volume of music and sound and the display of the battery level.

From a technical point of view, you can start the game on all PalmOS 5s with a HiRes display. It is a code that when u Company limits the gaming area to a small screen, it could release a version for Treo 600 and Zire 31 with LowRes display and fill the entire screen.

For an affordable price of $ 9.95, you can get a balcony of playable arcade games, with which you will kill free time, but definitely not most of the time. Furnaces only arkdy, even a dog its catchiness, are not as popular as you logical nr. On the other hand, it is their durability in t, not in games that you complete once and do not dig into.