Aktuln horoskop, pravtko, i jzdn dy ve vaem PDA (PalmareFreeware)

Put the application from the freeware section waiting for your download. ProgramLauncher is an application that allows you to create shortcuts on the main screen. MetrO contains metro routes and other public transport in more than 250 cities, and Speedy will change the speed of your PDA.

Please direct our download links outside of the n server. We cannot influence the creator of the application to change the link, download the application, and its server failures. Of course, we cannot send such problems to applications via e-mail. For this reason, we are happy to notify us of problems with downloads – most of them are caused by a new version and a change in URL. Thank you for your understanding.


ProgramLauncher v1.1

ProgramLauncher is a great application that allows you to create shortcuts in the Today screen. Links can reach both programs and documents and websites. The application is characterized by simplicity and at the same time it is very eln. The program was run until recently for a fee of $ 2.99, but now it is completely free.

Download here

MortPlayer v3.3 RC3

Play file in MP3 / Ogg formats. It has a large control button (optimized for easy control of the fingers on the PDA display) and also supports control with hardware buttons. The author states that the program can reduce CPU requirements. The new version of the pehrvae pin has a large number of improvements, such as an integrated booth, a better vbr skin, a proxy for streaming, deactivating the screensaver with any button and much more.

Download here

MetrO 5.3.5+

The MetrO program certainly does not need to be developed. The application, which is available in 30 languages, contains metro routes and other public transport means in more than 250 cities. There are also some Czech, including Prague, Pilsen, Liberec, Ostrava, Czech Tna, Frdek-Mstka, ru nad Szavou and Tince. Some of the Bulgarian cities and the French city of Vannes were among the world’s destinations in the database.

Download here

Horoscope v1.0

If you want to have an up-to-date horoscope in your pocket, try the program from the long-time Czech author, Batek. His Horoscope allows you to display pedpositions to the composition of the selected zodiac sign. The only condition for downloading current data is the connection of the PDA to the Internet, from which the data can be downloaded.

Download here


Speedy v6.0

If you want to see how fast your PalmOS handheld is compared to other types, you can use the Speedy application, which changes the speed of your PDA very quickly and displays the results in clear bar graphs. There is also the possibility of changing the values ​​of the latest models, but also older devices and the program has undergone many improvements.

Download here

Origami On The Go v1.1

Origami On The Go pin tutorial step by step how to assemble origami. The application is complemented by the history of this traditional Japanese art. Its new version fixes some bugs and a low-res version for star palms has been created.

Download here

Emerald Sounds v3.0

Emerald Sounds is a collection of midi sound systems. Among them are legendary Beatles songs, Metallica, music from movies, TV shows and more. Track records can be assigned to any program activity. Many other performers have been added to the new version.

Download here

Palm Pi v0.2a

PalmPi is a benchmark program that quickly tests the performance of your PDA against Ludolf’s salt PI. You can change and compare the performance of your PDA, try the effect of different accelerator and “contact” programs, etc .. The second use of the application is, of course, the number of PIs and 4680 decimal places!

Download here