Acn game Wolfenstein 3D for in phone free (Programs for Symbian)

He gave an overview of the program for Symbian is here. SMSCleaner automatically has even sent and sent texts first. With Turn Off! With the phone turned off at the set time, Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny are spn portation of famous games.


SMSCleaner is a simple application that automatically has even the first sent and sent texts. The program can be used to set the number of text messages to be deleted and in which addresses (inbox / outbox) they should be read first.

Programs for Symbian

The program for Symbian OS 7.x and 8.x costs $ 9.99 and unfortunately there is no test version for it.

Turn Off!

With Turn Off! The phone will be switched off at the specified time. You can set the hour and date to off.

Programs for Symbian

The application is designed for the same types of devices as the previous program and costs $ 9.99.


And from the same manufacturer, the EasyBackup program is included. As the name suggests, the application is used to hack, in its case contact from the phone to the memory card. Data can then be transferred to another mobile phone, PDA and PC via MMS, e-mail or Bluetooth.

Programs for Symbian

The program is for a fee of $ 9.99 and only run it on some new Nokia.

Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny

After the porting of the Doom game to SymbianOS, the duo of the Wolfenstein 3D & Spear of Destiny games will be launched on mobile phones.

Both 3D actions look very nice, they can be run in fullscreen mode and there is no lack of sound behind the scenes. For running it is necessary to own some files from the original version of the game, but you can also try the version that contains data from shareware games (the first few levels).

Programs for Symbian

Both games are otherwise free and you can download them from here. The test rooms were on the Nokia 6600 and 6680, they should work on the S60 zazen.

Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle Tracker is used to record vehicle fleet data. For example, you can enter information about refueling, repairs, filling roads, but you can use my program as well as a reminder, etc.

Programs for Symbian

The app costs $ 9.99 and you can buy it here.

Money Tracker

Money Tracker allows you to record your daily expenses. These can be recorded in different categories and then sorted and sorted as desired.

Programs for Symbian

the data can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

The application is for a fee of $ 7.50 and you can also try the test version of the program.