3D Mines – without looking for mines in three-dimensional space

In the field of PDA games, we know the innumerable number of min. Dog freeware seeds and various shareware excavations. In the day of the review, we will focus on the best and most original processing of this cult game.

We informed her about 3D Mines in Pocket Top 171. rounds of play is clear. With the help of exposed blood, you gradually reveal all the polka and mark the ones that you think are found on them. Each is determined by the exact number of mines that are located around this salt, ie in eight or more directions. Back to 3D Mines.

Immediately after running the game, you can strain your brain. But if you are playing for the first time, it is good to look at the game a little closer first, learn to control it in time and improve your orientation. Furnaces only, tet dimension in hardened 2D he dl sv.

The first player of the field is not the right thing for news, so we recommend grinding in the game menu, choosing a card Shapes and select a game box with a name Good Old Flat. Only here can you practice control perfectly and improve your orientation.

The game and its control
Control the entire search with a stylus with a combination of hardware buttons. Bleed the traditional field by clicking the pen on the screen. If you hold the arrow up or down, mark the field where you think it is located here.

It is clear that you will not see the entire player field on the display. The camera rotation tool is used for this. You can do this in a simple way; it’s up to you to move the stylus across the screen. The camera adapts to take up as much surface area and optimal distance as possible.

After clicking the stylus on its marked field, the polka color on the mine, around which the mine around the marked salt can be found, is colored. This greatly improves the view. During the game, the number of remaining mines and strikes and above the edge is displayed. The end of the second is then switched to the High Scores tables, which you can call up later by pressing the item Best Times.

Game area
On vbr, from her card Shapes, there are 11 player schedules. Some can be considered simple, the other on the contrary as extrmn (you like Moebius). Here is their overview:

Good Old Flat, Almost 2D, Cube

Truncated Cube, Drill Cube, Cross

Torus, Death Star, Moebius

Tetrahedron, Icosahedron

The size of the pea field depends on the difficulty you choose (a total of three degrees). In the trial version, only a difficulty is possible Beginner with ten mines.

The special group then consists of the so-called Custom Board. Only here you can win over the creations of your own pea field. Basically, these are predefined existing eleven schemes, but it’s fun to create a real tsh monster. Unfortunately, in the demo version there is no possibility of the wheel of hrt.

Konen summarized
As for the hardware page, run 3D Mines on all PalmOS from version 5. The black and white palm Zire 21 was also considered, for which there is a beta release that you can download. HERE. The author of the game is zkuen polsk creator of games Szymon Ulatowski.

All fans are looking for mines who are still bored with their own workmanship and do not be afraid of originality and innovation, for an affordable price of $ 7.77 we simply recommend the game. Buy 3D Mines for example HERE.