Alévêque dares to use humor on the economy, an “unimbitable” but “essential” subject

THE ECO SCAN – This Saturday is the Debt Festival, or how to make people understand the economy, and make them laugh on subjects as austere as they are crucial. The comedian Christophe Alévêque “desecrates” the economy without falling into demagoguery.

The economy, “it’s too complicated”, and in addition, “it’s incomprehensible”. However, it is very important! “This is THE debate” that “people must understand” to “defend our democracy”, launches, very seriously, … between two jokes. The comedian, who was “not at all” an expert in the field – and who still does not claim to be one – is on the bill for the “Debt Festival”, a show followed by a ball, which will take place this Saturday, May 23 in the 19th century in Paris, and which is intended to be “neither partisan nor militant, but fun, educational and united”.

This second edition of the comes a few days after the release of a book, which he co-signed with, author of several documentaries devoted to the economy. “” Tries to “desecrate the economy without too many biases and without falling into demagoguery”. Well, the authors are not supporters of austerity, that’s for sure, and it shows in the pages of the book … But. “So, if the IMF says so!”, Slices Christophe Alévêque, who when we met him, insisted on his desire to explain the planet Economy & Finance as much as possible “with facts”. Even if, it must be admitted, popularizing the economy is an impossible mission without shortcuts, its objective is “to awaken reflection, without giving lessons”.

Stop the guilt, make way for hope

Dogmas of 3% and 60%, difference between public and private debt, / deflation, role of,, tax havens, international finance, subprime… So many “unimaginable subjects” which crystallize “the hermeticism of the French” to questions however “ultra-dominant which directly affect people”. For Christophe Alévêque, “ignorance is a factory of bullshit, which leads to abstention, to the FN vote, or to adherence to conspiracy theories”. According to him, there is a general atmosphere in France which only inspires “fear, anguish and guilt” in the French while “hope must dominate: there are other solutions to a system that works. wrong”.

In the book, there is indeed a lot of optimism. Every paragraph that might drown the reader in discouragement is punctuated with comfort. Particularly on the debt front. “Without minimizing it, we must put the debt problem into perspective, insists Christophe Alévêque,” and stop blaming it: no, it’s not because of us, it’s not us who have spent too much “. Certainly, but the heritage (“hospitals, highways, airports,… Brigitte Bardot, sic.”) Of France is 2,500 billion; that of the French: almost 12,000 billion; and that of companies: more than 2000 billion. Beside, “our public debt seems all rikiki, it almost hurts. And suddenly, we feel better… ”, we can read in the book. And to follow, as almost every time, with a touch of derision: “We almost want to spend like crazy”, just to show that everything is not that simple …

Saturday, for the Feast of the Debt, Christophe Alévêque says he is “overwhelmed by events. “We have more than 2000 reservations” for the show entitled followed by a ball, he is surprised, delighted that “people come, relaxed, to laugh on the economy”. For next year, he promises to see the event much bigger.