Airbus to cut 1,164 jobs in Europe

VIDEO – The company has formalized the elimination of 1,164 jobs and the creation of 230 jobs. The Suresnes site, which employs 308 people, will close at the end of 2018. The government promises to support employees.

The verdict is in. At the end of a meeting with management, the unions announced that the group had confirmed to them 1,164 job cuts in Europe and the closure of the Suresnes site in early 2018, which represents more than a quarter of job cuts. announced. “Management has confirmed the abolition of 1,164 positions in all sites and the creation of 230 jobs, resulting in a net balance of less than 1,000 job cuts in total. Management confirmed the closure in mid-2018 of the Suresnes site, ie 308 job cuts and 150 ‘mobility’ from Suresnes to Toulouse, ”Yvonnick Dréno, FO coordinator for Airbus Group (majority union) told the press.

“It is an important event in industrial terms, which corresponds to a restructuring which was expected”, declared the Secretary of State for Industry, Christophe Sirugue, to AFP on the sidelines of the environmental business fair. In Lyon. “My role is to support both employees, to support the territories in these developments”, assured the Secretary of State. The government will play “a role which is not that of spectator but a role which is not either that of direct intervening when there is no element which justifies this direct intervention”, continued Christophe Sirugue. .

This reorganization, announced to the unions on Tuesday, will be done on a voluntary basis but the group does not rule out layoffs if its objectives are not achieved in 2018, said the director of human resources, Thierry Baril, to AFP. Negotiations on the terms of these job cuts will begin next month and will last until July 1, 2017, when the implementation of the workforce reduction plan will be effective.

A record order book

For the FO manager, “management seemed to be very attentive to social treatment, there will be a set of measures such as early retirement, redeployment, mobility”. “We hope once again this time to succeed in taking social account”, he added with reference to the fact that so far no job cuts plan implemented at Airbus has resulted in dry layoffs.

“We suspect the management of wanting to save money,” he stressed, however. “Finance has taken an increasingly important part in Airbus. The company says it wants to reduce the ‘bureraucracy’ but its employees whose jobs are being eliminated are not part of this ‘bureaucracy’, he insisted. “The more the number of positions affected will remain consequent, the more the social bill will be heavy, the more management will have to put ‘hand in the wallet'”, for its part indicated the union CFE-CGC in a press release.

This restructuring follows on from, which aims to make governance more efficient. The restructuring is to take a little over two years. The unions denounce a “financial logic” which pushes a group at the head of a record order book of nearly 1,000 billion euros, or 8 to 10 years of production, to cut more than 1,000 jobs. Management retorts that it must continue to reduce its costs, in a context of heightened competition with its American rival Boeing and the arrival on the market of Chinese aircraft manufacturers with long teeth.