Aid to closed businesses increased to 20% of turnover, Macron announces

Restaurants, bars, sports halls, discotheques and other establishments which will remain closed administratively will be able to request this aid, whatever their size.

The strategy of “Whatever the cost, was not only a formula, but many acts and a reality”, assured Emmanuel Macron, this Tuesday,. In order to support the economic sectors hit hard by the crisis, the President of the Republic announced a series of measures, many of which are an extension of the mechanisms introduced last summer. But new support measures are also being put in place.

Thus, all the existing public aid mechanisms, such as the reinforced solidarity fund, exemption from social charges, loans guaranteed by the State, partial unemployment as well as the measure to reduce rents, are maintained. . The unemployed at the end of their rights will continue to receive their compensation.

20% of 2019 turnover

Furthermore, “Restaurants, bars, sports halls, nightclubs, establishments which will remain administratively closed will receive, whatever their size, 20% of their turnover for the year 2019”, announced Emmanuel Macron, specifying that they will be able to choose this option if it is “Preferable for them, to the 10,000 euros of the Solidarity Fund”, already in place.

Finally, the President also addressed the young people announcing that the “1 young person 1 solution” plan, launched this summer to find a solution to the 750,000 young people entering the labor market this year, will soon be strengthened. The government will present the terms of the new aid in the coming days.