5G can be launched in Paris from Friday March 19

INFO THE FIGARO – After heated debates, the Paris Council gave the green light.

5G will arrive in Paris “ in the next few days “Orange boss Stéphane Richard said on Thursday the day after the Paris Council voted on a charter framing its deployment in the capital. “ 5G will start in Paris before the end of March, that’s for the next few days », He clarified on Europe 1. According to our information, the telecoms operators will have the authorization to launch the 5G in Paris as of March 19, that is to say almost three months after the date which they had initially envisaged. The delay is explained by the holding of a citizens’ convention on the subject. She finally gave a favorable opinion on the matter.

A frequency in debate

The Paris Council has just given its political green light to the deployment of 5G with the vote of a charter providing in particular for the creation of an observatory on the subject. The right voted for, but the elected ecologists, yet allies of the mayor PS Anne Hidalgo, voted against. Operators have installed their 5G antennas on building rooftops since last summer. Their activation only depends on administrative authorizations and a final round trip between their services and those of the telecoms police. They will then be able to turn on their antennas by “packet of 80”, specifies a person close to the file at Figarobefore the end of the month. The capital will therefore be quickly covered. But to benefit from it, you need a compatible smartphone and an adequate subscription!

Several cities, initially reluctant, ended up letting operators turn on their 5G networks, like Strasbourg, Lyon and Bordeaux. Opponents of 5G are worried about the health risk that the waves would pose to the population, and also denounce a useless technology, which does not meet the real needs of society.

Twice the satisfaction

According to Stéphane Richard, Orange has in any case the first positive feedback from consumers switched to 5G. User satisfaction “ is on average twice as high on 5G Than on 4G, he said. “ All bandwidth-heavy content passes instantly and very easily “, He indicated.

He admitted, however, that for the moment, the contribution for the consumer was “ significant “, but not “ disruptif ”, Given the low number of applications fully utilizing the potential of 5G. “ But we are going to have new uses, new terminals too which will bring about real revolutions “, he said.

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