4th Generation Pokémon Remake Announced For Nintendo Switch

During a conference, Pokémon development studios announced the release of a cover of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl titles on Nintendo Switch.

This is an announcement that has long been awaited by fans: the Pokémon Pearl and Diamond games released in 2006 for Nintendo DS will have the right to their remake on Nintendo Switch. The announcement was made official at a conference this Friday, February 26.

The titles entitled “Pokemon Brillant Diamond” and “Pokemon Shining PearlWill be developed by studio ILCA, and should arrive in stores in 2021. Very quickly, the announcement of a resumption of this game, which sold 18 million copies, became the most discussed subject on social networks.

A leaked social media ad

In addition to the cover of the titles, a third opus called “Pokemon Legend Arceus“Was announced for the beginning of the year 2022. This one would be located in the same region of Sinnoh as the two other games, but in an older time: a”pre-makeAs the franchise calls it.

The first images revealed let expect gameplay drastically different from what has been used so far. It would be an adventure game based around action and role-playing, “action RPG adventure“. On social networks, images of this game had already started to circulate a few hours before the announcement, yet suggesting false images.