18-24 year olds live on average on 795 euros per month

INFOGRAPHIC – A majority of 18-24 year olds still live with their parents, reveals a survey by INSEE and DREES published on Tuesday.

795 euros. This is what a young adult (18-24 years old) has on average to live on each month, i.e. on average 9,530 euros per year afterwards. More than half of these resources come from paid activities and almost a third from family help. However, this sum is not sufficient to stand on its own two feet.

Six in ten young adults still live with their parents

By choice or necessity, whether they are students or young workers, 57% of 18-24 year olds live exclusively with their parents, reveals this study. Even if they have much higher resources than those who still live with their parents, the young people who have left the family nest are not completely independent. Only 17% pay their rent themselves, without parental help, the study said.

But very often, when young people gain independence, they lose comfort in life, the conditions being less favorable than at home. So much so that more than half of young people who have a job – with an average monthly income of 1360 euros – continue to live with their parents.

Poor resources for unemployed youth and students

On the other hand, the situation is more severe for unemployed or inactive young people. Three quarters are forced to stay in the parental home with less than 300 euros per month, further specifies the study. Over the year, when they stay with their parents, they have an average of 4,220 euros, against 7,450 euros for those who have left them.

As for the students, they also certainly have low resources for those who do not work at all – 4,390 euros on average for those who live with their parents and 8,890 euros for those who have left them – but they benefit from parental support. strong. For them, this situation is experienced more positively, as a “transitional period of investment in the future” specify the authors of the study.

* The survey was carried out by DREES and INSEE during the last quarter of 2014 among 5,800 young people aged 18 to 24 on October 1, 2014 residing in France, whether they live in ordinary households or in community and of 6,300 parents.